Network Marketing Business Tips: Put the Law of Average in Your Favor


Network marketing is a number game. The higher thenumber of people you speak to, the better you become, and the bigger your organisation becomes. When youspeak to many people, you will get different sorts of rejectionsand objections. As long you keep learning from thisobjections, you will be able to turn any negativeobjections in your favour. The law of average will then start to apply.

If you do something often enough, a ratio will startto appear. The ratio increases as you practice evenmore. The ratio increases to a point where it remainsconstant.

For example, when you start to speak to prospects innetwork marketing business, it may take 20 prospectsto get 1 who is interested in changing their life. That is a ratio of 1 in 20 people. As you practiseeven more, you get to a point where you will be ableto get 2 out of 20. Then 3 out of 20, then 4. As youcontinue talking to more people, without lettingrejections and objections hold you back, the ratiowill continue to around 6 out of 20 people.

When you get to this level, nothing can stop yourbusiness being very successful. You will be on yourway to reaching the top of success ladder. The importantthing is that you should make up in number what youlack in skills. You don't have to worry about otherbusiness builders who have super sales or recruitingskills. Take time to learn from them but don't wishyou were like them. You should make up in number whatyou lack in skills.

If the super salesman can get 18 out of 20 prospectsand you can only get 2 out of 20, if you competewith the super salesman you can still beat him. How? You make up in number what you lack in skills byspeaking to more people. If you speak to 100, you willget 20. You beat him.

You should always get your message out there. Don'tprejudge anyone you should or should not speak to in this business, because you neverknow whose time is right to take a look at yourbusiness opportunity. Once someone's time is right, you will notneed any special skills to convince them to see the opportunity that is lurking in network marketingbusiness.

You should prepare different presentations for differentsituations and commit them to memory. You will need 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hourbusiness presentation scripts. You will have to committhem to memory because you will need to use the samescripts for everyone you appraoch. Don't make mistakesof trying to adjust your scripts to suit everyone. Younever know what part of your presentation will getyour prospect's attention. Use same business presentation for everyone. More important, repetition is themaster of all skills.

Put the law of average in your favour. Speak to asmany as possible daily. Speak to everyone no mattertheir status, you never know if the time is right intheir life. Once you undestand that not everyone joinnetwork marketing business for the monetary benefitsalone, you will have the right mindset to approachanyone no matter what you assume is their currentfinancial status .

Get your message out there, talk to everyone, everywhere. You don't know who is looking for opportunity. If you get a NO, brush it off by saying...

"Some Will, Some Won't, So What? Because Somewhere Someone Is Always Waiting"


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