Dont Close Your Eyes Or Let Deaf Ears Fall Upon You


To listen to your customer is important, and to hear your customer is critical. But, to see what actions they take is the lifeline to your business.

Recently, I was giving an introductory presentation of the Life Enrichment course to a group of Real Estate agents.

The objective was to sell the agents on participating in the Hypmovation Life Enrichment eight - session, six-week course. The course teaches people how to apply the science of self-programming the subconscious mind through self-hypnosis to improve all areas of life.

During the twenty-two minute sales presentation, I asked questions of the agents to find out what was important to them.

The questions were:

? Do you wish that you could have more control over your life?

? What if you could completely remove and eliminate the fear of cold calling on new prospects--would that be important to you?

? How would your life change if you could permanently remove financial stress?

During the questioning and probing period, I was getting all the right vocal, body language, and yes signs from the audience. However, I didn't feel like I had fully connected with what would influence or inspire them to take action and enroll in the training.

While carefully watching my audience, the next question I asked got a resounding rise in energy from them. I knew now that I was on the right track.

The question I asked next was-

"Would it be important for you to eliminate the physical pain and everyday stress that keeps you from enjoying life more?"

After finding out what motivated and stimulated them to sit up and take interest, I was left with only two other steps. The first step was to explain the benefits of the program and how it would solve their problems. The second step was to enroll them into the program.

The principle lesson:

Listening is important. Hearing is critical. Watching the actions of your customers is the lifeline to your success in business.


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