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For the 'big three' automobile sales consultants, the 'employee discount pricing' has made it to easy to sell. It has been great for a change. But... don't let this style of 'short cut selling' sales process continue or you will lose sales! You must deliver a complete, positive, sales process, with NO short cuts, to sell successfully now. Without the hype of the last months you need to deliver a better buying experience to the car shopper or you will walk to many buyers into the open arms of the next salesperson. (As a dealer or sales team leader, schedule a fall Skill Specific Coaching workshop for your sales team to get them back on track. Dave@Automotivator. com )

Summer Sales Success Hint - Ask Your Customer to Buy!

Most sales people do not get what they want: a Sale. Most customers do not get what they want: a new vehicle!

Why? Because the salesperson didn't do his/her job?

The job?

To ask your customer to buy.

One of the simplest rules to increase YOUR sales is to learn to just ASK. As a Professional Development Sales Coach for over 20 years, I have observed thousands of salespeople in sales situations who fail to ask for the customer to buy a vehicle today. Now, I believe in making sure your sales process is good enough to earn the right to ask the customer to purchase. But I also believe in asking for a prospect to buy. It doesn't mean you will always get the sale, but you have nothing to lose by asking. Think of how many customers may have said "Yes" if you had asked? OK, what is holding you back? Is it because:

1. You might be rejected?

2. Someone will think you are pushy?

3. You are afraid to?

4. The sale isn't likely?

5. You don't really want a sale because last night you won the lottery? Any of these apply to you?

KEYS TO SUCCESS - Ask yourself: "What is the worst that could happen if I ask for them to make a decision?"

* They might say 'NO'. Wouldn't that be a hoot? Then they might even tell you why they wouldn't buy right now, if you ask!

* Then you give a good reason to buy now rather than later, then they might say, "Okay".

* Your customers will be delighted because their problem is solved. They have what they came to get - a new vehicle. You have what you came to get-a new customers. All because they met a salesperson who asked them to buy.

* Most salespeople just wait and hope the customer will make the buying decision themselves. They just give in without asking.

* The secret to increased summer sales is simple. Give a reason to buy and then ask them to buy. You won't get a "yes" every time you ask - it isn't that kind of world - but I'll bet you should be asking more!!

This week's action hint: Ask your customer to buy more often. You may be surprised with the result! This week's affirmation: I am worthy of more in my life. All I have to do is 'Ask'.

Final Sales Hint for Dealers and Managers-Get Trackstar if you are serious about follow-up. It is the best there is in the industry. Dealers are moving to Trackstar, the reason? They say, "the other systems are complicated, cumbersome and don't deliver what they promise". Check it out. Dave@automotivator. com

Have a great selling day!

Dave Kemp, the Automotivator

Dave Kemp, the AUTOMOTIVATOR. A retail sales expert who trains in the Automobile and related businesses. Successful salesperson, General Manager, Car Dealer now impacts on the bottom-line of dealerships with Skill Specific Coaching. Trackstar CRM systems for auto dealers.


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