Your Headlines Are Key To Your Success Or Failure. Do You Know What To Write?


Most professional copywriters would say that headlinesaccount for 80% percent of more of the effectiveness of anad or sales letter.

After all, it's the headline that gets your reader to stopand read further into your sales copy. If the headlinefails, then the entire ad or sale copy fails.

So with headline creation being of such importance, are yougiving your headlines the time and effort they are worth?

Writing good headlines is a skill that can be learned andmastered if you are willing to put the time into studyinggood proven moneymaking headlines.

One way of learning how to write killer headlines is tostudy the masters. Read the works of the past greats, suchas Claude Hopkins, Robert Collier, John Caples, DavidOgilvy, and Eugene Schwartz, among others. There works areavailable in libraries, used book stores, and in some casesthere works have been reprinted and are still available onthe market.

A second method is to study the headlines in the supermarket tabloids and magazines that you find near the checkout counters. Tabloids such as 'The Globe', 'The Star', and'The National Enquirer' or magazines such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook, Readers Digest, and Vanity Fair.

These publications are placed near the cash registers for areason. While you are standing in line waiting to checkout, you scan their headlines and many people becomeinterested and purchase these publications on impulse. Andthe sell millions! They have some of the highestcirculations of any publications in the country.

So, what gets them to sell so well? Certainly not the titleof the publication! It's the headlines. They jump out atyou. They get you to stop and look. They arouse yourcuriosity. Even if you don't buy, I'll bet on more than oneoccasion you've picked up the publication and scanned it foran article mentioned on the cover. I know I have.

The headline writers for these publications are some of thehighest paid writers in the country and the circulationnumbers reflect it.

Ok, so these publications have great attention grabbing, curiosity arousing headlines. How does that help you?

As you read and study these headlines, see if you can see apattern that you can use. Many of these headlines can beused to develop killer headline templates where just bymodifying or substituting a word or two can also workwonders for your own advertising and promotion campaigns.

Yet another technique is to look through direct responsetype ads and advertorials in publications related to yourindustry. Go to the library and check a number of backissues of these works. If you consistently see the same adsrunning over and over again, you know they are making money.

Some profitable ads have consistently run for as long as 40years! Without being changed!

Professional copywriters constantly collect good headlinesand create what they call "swipe files." These headlineswipe files serve as models for good headlines and are greatidea generators as they work to develop their own winningheadlines.

When you discover ads that are being run over and over, study their headlines, and copy them into your own swipefile and when you are trying to think about creating somenew headlines of your own, dig out the swipe file, reviewyour collection of headlines and see if you can't use someof them as models for your own. Model success.

In another article, I'll tackle creating and working withheadline templates. Until then, keep pumping out thosewinning headlines.


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